What we Offer

for Tiny Tots

This course consists of two programmes aimed at 4-year-olds. It is extremely effective in our rural areas. Children develop life skills, self-awareness and well-being. Creativity is stimulated through music and stories. Daily experiences are used to explore mathematics, language and communication with “fun” phonics and cognitive concepts.

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Shape Preschool Programme

A full year’s programme for 5-6-year-olds; the kit consists of workbooks and teaching manuals with plans for daily activities, posters, a CD for learning sounds and a co-ordination development test. Activities include: stories, skipping, jumping, climbing, water and sand play, ball skills, cutting and pasting, colouring and painting, wooden blocks, puzzles, bead threading, memory and matching games, eye exercises and hearing games.

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ABCs with Ace and Christi

The ABCs Learning to Read programme is aimed at children aged 6–7 years.
The course launches children into formal education. The kit consists of
2 manuals and 15 workbooks.

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Speaking English

Children from 4 years old learn basic conversational English. The course runs for 2 years during which children master vocabulary, greetings, actions, colours, numbers and shapes.

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Fundisa Isizwe