A passion for education...

Fundisa Isizwe is an independent non-profit organisation (NPO) founded in 1987 to help build early childhood centres in South Africa.

The visionary behind Fundisa Isizwe, Trevor Yoko, was passionate about seeing the lives of the next generations of African children improved. He believed that by meeting the fundamental need of basic literacy training, the lives of future generations and communities would be transformed.

Trevor and his wife Val began their journey of hope in 1986 when they discovered an education solution that could be introduced to any community and bring about life changing results. They discovered that the earlier a child starts learning, the better their lives will be. As a team, they assisted communities across the African continent to establish early childhood development and literacy centres. Trevor and Val led by example never expecting anyone to do anything they would not do themselves. Where there were no facilities they would roll up their sleeves and assist in bringing about positive change.

Since the establishment of the Fundisa Isizwe Trust, thousands of learners have experienced the positive results of the vision of these remarkable leaders.

The Fundisa Isizwe Trust continues this legacy by facilitating the establishment of early childhood development and literacy centres throughout Africa.

The great commission began in 1987.

Our Vision

Changing the lives of the next generation throughout Africa by the power of education.

Our Mission

To provide character and values based early childhood development and basic literacy through the provision of curriculum and teacher training by relevant strategic partnerships.

Our Core Values

The trustees are accountable to stakeholders at community, corporate and individual donor and government levels.

The affairs of the trust are conducted in an ethical and transparent manner in compliance with the prevailing legislation.

• We are honest in our communication and dealings with all stakeholders.
• We believe that we are better together and at all times, work for the good of the donors and communities.

We treat every student, community and donor with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Fundisa Isizwe